“Monocacy Elementary has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with LAND for many years. Our Earth Day program and after school club, both sponsored by LAND, teach students how important nature and the environment is in the world around them. “
Kristin A. Alban
Monocacy Elementary School

“I love landscaping club because it’s inspired me to care about nature more because it is very important for animals and insects. Thank you so much and Go landscape club. I can’t wait to meet again with you this spring.”
Daphney, 3rd grade

“My daughter is so glad and proud to be a member of the landscaping club of her school. She learned a lot about nature and all the creatures living in there. I highly recommend the club because I can see how much my daughter care about the nature and most of all she is always delighted to tell me new things she learned there and now she is determined to make a world a better place.”
Danielle B

“Working with the folks from LAND was easy and very beneficial to Montgomery Parks. They organized an enthusiastic volunteer group of kids from the local school to help us with some of our plantings in the parks, and it was great to see them in action! You could tell the kids were learning a lot, and at the same time they were contributing to the community and the environment. We always learn something too, and look forward to working with LAND again!”
Lynn Vismara
Group Volunteer Coordinator
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

“I hope that more people in our community become aware of LAND and support this important endeavor.”
Maureen O’Connell
The Monocacy Monocle

“I really enjoyed working with the kids in LAND. Besides being great fun, it was inspirational to observe how focused the children were on learning about plants and planting, and so serious about doing good work. Their energy level was truly inspirational!”
Linda Komes, RLA, AICP
Project Manager, Park Development Division
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

“I’ve personally witnessed Garth’s skills and patience working with children in our community. At the end of the experience the children glowed with the sweat of a job well done that would be a gift to the larger community for a long time to come.  I can endorse the vision and care of Garth’s work and his hope for the future.”
Bill Kraegel
Outdoor Education Teacher
Montgomery County Public Schools

“Educational! Hands-on learning in an enriched environment.
Making learning fun in the great outdoors.”
Bonnie Brown
3rd Grade Teacher
Monocacy Elementary School

“I am the director of Elf Preschool and we LOVE our field trip in the spring to the Seely home! We are always amazed by the scenery, the wonderful walking trails, and the narration that Garth Seely of LAND provides for the children! And guess what? The parents are equally amazed by what they see and learn! Our walk is followed by hands on science, planting, and a snack. I highly recommend this adventure as well as a visit to your school by the Seelys!”
“Many years with LAND” — Marsha Ford

“The LAND Program is an asset to the Poolesville community and our school! Our children love getting their hands dirty and working with Amy and Garth to beautify our grounds and learn about nature! I hear nothing but extremely positive comments from teachers, parents and students alike. I feel very fortunate to have such an organization invest their time and energy in our school and help to develop in children a respect and admiration for nature.”
Douglas Robbins, Principal, Poolesville Elementary School

“LAND has supported John Poole Middle School’s Earth Day for many years by combining environmental studies with service learning activities for our students. Donating their valuable time, expertise, and materials, LAND works annually with our 6th graders to improve the grounds around JPMS and teach environmentally responsible gardening practices. Our school is very fortunate to have a partnership with an organization which cares so deeply about giving back to the community!”
Diane McManus, Science teacher, John Poole Middle School

“For the many years LAND has been volunteering their time to come and work with our students on Earth Day at Monocacy Elementary School. They work with each grade level on a different job outside to beautify our school grounds. Garth will inform the students of what plants they are planting, why they are pulling weeds, or why we need to plant more trees etc. Then they will go and do their jobs in the different gardens. The students look forward each year to working outside with Mr. and Mrs. Seely. LAND also offers an afterschool program which many of my first graders participate in. Again the students love working outside and learning about nature. Both programs are great opportunities for students to become aware of plant and animal life and how important it is to us and our earth.”
Amy Soderstrum
First Grade Teacher Monocacy Elementary School
Student Government Association Sponsor

“As the parent of a LAND alumnus, I’m amazed to look back and see all the ways this wonderful program has shaped my daughter. Her love and appreciation of the great outdoors and its beauty is, no doubt, due to the thoughtfulness and caring of Garth and Amy Seely through fun LAND events. I can’t think of a better way to educate children on our natural resources and the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve than through hands-on experiences that LAND provides.”
Danielle Desoto

“My family has loved LAND club from day one. From the after school discovery/nature walks to the holiday wreath- making, maple syrup collecting, and other seasonal activities, it has given us a new love and appreciation for the outdoors. I have always been eager to hear about my daughters’ LAND club adventures–I think as eager as they are to tell me! It has enriched their school experience and given them great memories, as well as interesting dinner conversations. Definitely a favorite after school activity.”
Erica Rogers

“LAND has provided Poolesville Elementary students with opportunities to make an impact on nature right on our own school grounds. They are able to differentiate for every age to make each child feel engaged in projects they will feel proud of for a season and sometimes even years. Amy and Garth have a passion about nature that is contagious even for those that are afraid to get a little dirty. Children will carry these hands-on learning experiences they provide with them throughout their lives to make our Earth a better place. We are so thankful to have LAND as part of our school community.”
Amy Hufnagel
K Teacher

“I am an educator at Seneca Academy, an independent IB school in Darnestown, Maryland and have been teaching Kindergarten for many years. One of our units of inquiry is on Observation. What better place for the children to “observe” than in nature! As a result, we have been taking field trips to LAND in Dickerson for many years. The children explore nature in meadows, fields and woods. They even spend time exploring a creek! Every year we are delighted with plants, bugs and animals from birds to fawns, and snakes to crayfish. The grounds at LAND are beautiful with surprises at every turn. Garth and Amy are wonderful to work with and even better with the children. They are responsive and concerned with my curricular requirements, and always keep the safety of the children at the forefront. I look forward to many more field trips to LAND!”
Pam Hauck
Kindergarten Teacher
Seneca Academy

“LAND is an active adventure through nature. It allows you to experience and feel the outdoors.”
4th Grade

“I love LAND Club because Mr. Seely has so many fun facts about animals and I think it’s so cool when he brings animals with him to class! LAND Club is more awesome than ice cream!!!”
2nd grade

“Nurturing their love of plants and animals comes naturally to Garth and Amy Seely of Landscape and Nature Discoveries. For many years, our students have benefitted from Garth and Amy’s time, talent, and treasure. Some of the programs they have spearheaded include the following: whole school Earth Day landscaping, LAND after school clubs, outdoor classroom maintenance, and leading a Marsh Study at our trout release “Stream Festival” last spring. Garth and Amy bring the supplies, equipment and ideas. Our students become completely engaged in the activities. Our entire school community is grateful for and Garth and Amy’s involvement.”
Sharon Zgoda
5th grade teacher
Poolesville Elementary School