Trip to Little Monocacy River

LAND field trips feature activities that are age appropriate and curriculum oriented to provide hands-on interactive learning experiences through nature walks, engaging activities, craft projects, and much more. Our site is located in the heart of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve.

Preschool Field Trips

Preschool trips introduce children to the outdoors through exploration, discovery, and nurturing their own natural curiosity. A common element of every field trip is a nature walk where the children will have the opportunity to investigate plant and animal habitats. Some of the activities on the nature walk may include checking bird nests for eggs and babies, discovering what lives under a rotting log, finding crayfish at the creek, planting seeds, touching baby chicks, turtles and even snakes.

Elementary School Field Trips

Elementary School field trips are designed to enhance lessons from the classroom. LAND can create a curriculum oriented trip or can develop and bring to life any concept a teacher may have. This is accomplished through nature walks, plant and science education activities, and nature crafts. LAND always promotes awareness of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve during your visit.

For more information on Landscape and Nature field trips, please contact us by phone, email or through our online contact form.

Field Trips for Summer Camps

Bring your summer camp to LAND. We plan half day or full day excursions for your campers. Summer camp field trips include nature walks in the woods, creek exploration, nature crafts, and more.