Discovering the wonders of a milk snake

This LAND is your LAND!

Because LAND is a non-profit organization, we rely on a dedicated team of volunteers and mentors who make it possible to provide the interactive, outdoor experiences available through our after school clubs, field trips, on-site school activities, and community service projects.

Parents and kids alike will be pleased to know that middle and high school students can earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours through their volunteer work with LAND.

We always welcome and are in need of individuals to join our forces and help us carry out our mission. Volunteer and Mentor opportunities include:

  • Assisting at the Landscape and Nature Clubs at schools
  • Providing a new site or outdoor environment for us to explore
  • Sharing a nature related expertise or passion with the students
  • Giving a tour of your special link to the Agricultural Reserve
  • Assisting during any of the community service projects
  • Fundraising
  • Grant seekers and grant writers
  • Computer skills to manage emails for volunteer activities

Learn more about how you can support LAND as a volunteer or a mentor by contacting us today.